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Musical #1

Who knew the Merc with the Mouth could sing?

In this first fan-created musical mashup of “Deadpool” and “Beauty & the Beast," 0ur hapless hero, Deadpool, enters a bar looking for a little trouble (what else?), and then the musical mayhem begins.

From the beautiful baroque intro of the bartender (Mack Dugger), Deadpool fights off a bevy of mercenaries all hoping to kill our hero and win the dead pool. Luckily, Black Widow (Monette Moio), Rogue (Jennifer Wenger), and Psylocke (Christina Benthall) happen to be in the bar, but less than willing to help our mutated mouthy hero. Thank goodness Spider-Man (Christopher Troy) literally drops in to lend a hand before the final battle involving everyone in the bar. All set to a for-mature-audiences only version of Beauty & The Beast’s “Gaston!”

And like any super hero piece, be sure to stay past the credits for a little something "X-tra."

the film
The facts
The mission


We won what?!?

We are so very honored and proud to received such overwhelming recognition and response for our little film. 

  • Webby Awards  2019- Best Writing (DPTM2) 

  • Webby Awards  2018- Best Writing (DPTM)

  • New York Film Award - Best Picture, Best Parody, Best Musical Video, Best Cinematography, Best Actor (DPTM2)

  • Los Angeles Film Award - Best Parody (DPTM2)

  • - Best Actor, Best Ensemble (DPTM2)

  • Top Shorts - Best Film (DTPM2)

  • Burbank International Film Festival - Best Comedy Short (DPTM)

  • Top Shorts Film Festival - Best Director (DPTM)

  • Top Shorts Film Festival - Best Parody (DPTM)

  • Sci-On Film Festival - Best Music Video (DPTM)

  • - Best Performance (DPTM)

  • Hollywood Independent Filmmakers Awards - Gold Winner, Best Music Video (DPTM)

  • Hollyshorts Film Festival - Official Selection (DPTM)

  • XMF Theatre - Official Selection (DPTM) 

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew! 


Musical #2

A Whole New Team

The NSFW musical mayhem continues as our favorite singing anti-hero slays his way through a series of Disney songs and superhero teams, from the X-Men to the Avengers and more, all while piling up a huge body count.


Featuring Wolverine (Brian Danner), Rogue (Jennifer Van Dien), Cyclops (Casper Van Dien), Beast (David “Dax” Bauer), Captain America (Vic Mignogna), Black Widow (Monette Moio), Spiderman (Christopher Troy), Jubilee (Kate Le, Kaitlyn Tamimoto) and a bevy of other super heroes, including the first live action introduction of Puck (Christophe Zajac-Denek) and Sasquatch (Kristopher Blount). Oh, the places you’ll go and sights that will thrill as our Deadpool sings and literally kills in this fan film short devoted to the musical merc in us all!


And just like last time, you’ll want to stay to the very end. 

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